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End of Summer Events – IEA and Team-building!

As the summer winds down and the school year quickly approaches, the staff at Miami Equestrian Center has been busy with some end of summer programming events.

We were very excited to host a invitation for local Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) teams this past Saturday.

3 teams participated in the invitational. Schooling began shortly after 9 am and the show continued until 3 pm that afternoon.


Our horses were champs, carrying the riders through many lovely courses and flat equitation classes.


Our judge for the day, Scott DeHelian, took time to talk to each class after they completed their course or class. He explained his placing decisions and discussed how each rider could improve for the next show. Mr. DeHelian offered wonderful advice and made sure each rider understood his decisions before continuing on.


Thank you to all competing teams, our volunteers, staff, and to our wonderful judge!

We also hosted a trial run of our new Group Programming Team-building event! Recreation staff members kindly joined us down at the barn and participated in the event.


Members were broken into groups of five and instructed to complete different tasks while fulfilling different team roles, including roles such as “captain”, “scribe,” “motivator,” and “boots on the ground”. Each team member played a vital role in completing each task, and all of the groups successfully navigated the added difficulties, including some roles where they were not allowed to to speak!

Thanks again to all the staff who participated in the event!



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