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Majestic Farm USDF Show


The final horse show of the summer season has come and gone, and once again Miami riders have found great success!

Equestrian team riders Emily Grzeda and Saige Sparks, along with Coach Courtney Previte, traveled to Majestic Farm in Batavia, OH for the Hotter Than Blue Blazes USEF/USDF competition this past weekend.


Emily and Russell (“Ursel”) competed at First Level. The pair had their highest score of the summer, earning a 70% at First Level Test 1, and Emily has now earned both required First Level scores for her USDF Bronze Medal. Congrats Emily and Russell!

Saige and Cash (“Count the Cash”) competed at First Level and won 3 out of their 4 classes. Saige has also completed the requirements for her First Level scores for her USDF Bronze Medal. She and Cash have worked hard to become stronger, more capable athletes and their determination has paid off! Way to go Saige and Cash!


Way to go Hannibal and Courtney!

Courtney and Hannibal made their Second Level debut and earned BOTH required scores for the USDF Bronze Medal, as well as several very high scores in other tests, earning them a ribbon in every class. One judge even stopped Courtney after the test to remark on how much she liked Hannibal and the nice test they performed.


All three riders are extremely grateful to Miami University and for all of the support they have received over the summer.

“I am so thankful for the support and enthusiasm shown by Coach Heather Pinnick and the rest of the Equestrian staff. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with such wonderful people and horses, and I couldn’t be happier with how the summer showing has gone. We owe it all to the team of people working with us and providing us with these fantastic opportunities, as well as to these amazing horses.” – Coach Courtney Previte


Emily and Saige warming up for First Level

Our summer show season may be over, but we are SO excited for the rest of the team to return and begin our school year season! MU…ET!


End of Summer Events – IEA and Team-building!

As the summer winds down and the school year quickly approaches, the staff at Miami Equestrian Center has been busy with some end of summer programming events.

We were very excited to host a invitation for local Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) teams this past Saturday.

3 teams participated in the invitational. Schooling began shortly after 9 am and the show continued until 3 pm that afternoon.


Our horses were champs, carrying the riders through many lovely courses and flat equitation classes.


Our judge for the day, Scott DeHelian, took time to talk to each class after they completed their course or class. He explained his placing decisions and discussed how each rider could improve for the next show. Mr. DeHelian offered wonderful advice and made sure each rider understood his decisions before continuing on.


Thank you to all competing teams, our volunteers, staff, and to our wonderful judge!

We also hosted a trial run of our new Group Programming Team-building event! Recreation staff members kindly joined us down at the barn and participated in the event.


Members were broken into groups of five and instructed to complete different tasks while fulfilling different team roles, including roles such as “captain”, “scribe,” “motivator,” and “boots on the ground”. Each team member played a vital role in completing each task, and all of the groups successfully navigated the added difficulties, including some roles where they were not allowed to to speak!

Thanks again to all the staff who participated in the event!


Global Initiatives and Horses


Having fun with Brandi!

This week Miami Equestrian welcomed a large group of international students to the farm to meet and learn about our horses.

130 students from the Global Initiatives program joined us for a tour on Tuesday, where they met horses like Thor and Calvin, learned a little bit about how we operate at the stables, and got a chance to feed some horse treats. During their tour, the students had an opportunity to sign up for a riding lesson, and many took advantage of the opportunity!

36 students joined us on Thursday for an afternoon of horseback riding. We had so much fun teaching them the basics of riding! Our horses were stars and gained many new admirers.

We carried on despite a bit of rainy weather, and were rewarded with many smiles, laughs, and memories made.


We are very happy we had the opportunity to share the horses and our love for them with these visiting students!

Mid Ohio Classic Dressage Show


What an exciting weekend! Coach Courtney Previte and 3 dressage students traveled to Johnstown Ohio to compete in the Mid Ohio Dressage Classic I & II, where they met all of their show goals and earned some lovely scores and ribbons to boot!


The 4 riders packed up Thursday afternoon and headed off on the 2.5 hour journey to the show grounds at the new Brave Horse Facility in Johnstown. Upon arrival, they happily discovered that the show facility was as gorgeous as they had heard – beautiful, spacious matted stalls, lovely arenas, and well manicured landscaping adorned the spacious grounds. Once the horses were settled in, the group headed out to school in the competition arenas.

On Friday, Coach Courtney Previte showed Hannibal, Miami’s 16 year old Westphalian gelding. The pair competed in First Level and earned a first and second place. Hannibal took a little while to settle in, but once he did he was calm and cool as they prepared to begin their trek to a USDF Bronze medal. They earned their first score on Friday!

After the competition, the other riders practiced in the competition rings one last time to prepare for Saturday’s show. They finished the evening with horse baths, pizza, and Britain’s Got Talent.

Saturday rolled around, and after an early morning braiding and preparing, riders Emily Grzeda, Saige Sparks, and Emma Scheidt headed out to perform their tests.


Saige and Count the Cash

Saige rode Miami’s Count the Cash in Training 3 and First 1. The pair conquered their show nerves and earned two second places!

Emma Scheidt and Miami’s Art I Bold (Butch) competed in Training 1 and Training 3. They won their Training 1 class and placed fifth in Training 3.


Emily and Saige passing each other as one finished and one starts a test!

Emily Grzeda rode Miami’s Ursel (Russell) to two great scores in Training 3 and First 1, placing third and fourth.


Emily and Ursel

The students were thrilled with how well the horses performed and were excited to do it all over again on Sunday! The group celebrated with dinner at a local Mexican restaurant after spoiling their horses with treats and extra fluffy stalls. After many laughs and a fantastic meal, the group headed to bed early to make sure they were well rested for their last day of competition.


Emma and Art I Bold (Butch)

After a very early morning start on Sunday, the riders were happy to discover even more success in the show ring. Emma won her Training 1 class with a 67%! Courtney and Hannibal won both of their classes and earned their final First level score for their USDF Bronze medal. Emily and Saige rode beautifully and took home several more ribbons, including a second and third for Emily, and a third and fifth for Saige.


All smiles after completing their tests and shedding their coats in the hot weather!

The group headed home with many smiles after a successful weekend at their very first USDF show. Follow them on their next adventure as they take on their next competition at Majestic Farms August 11-13!

Welcome, New Staff!

Summer is flying by at Miami University, and down at the Equestrian Center July has brought some staffing changes along with it’s typical hot, sunny weather!

Last week we said goodbye to two of our interns, Amanda Wasser and Caroline (Rosie) Buiel. Amanda and Rosie were wonderful colleagues who spent their 2 year internship with us dedicated to the care of the horses and students. They are both excited to move on to other challenges and opportunities as their internship with Miami comes to an end.


Amanda Wasser and Buckle

O58116 Caroline Rose Buiel

Rosie Buiel

Thank you Amanda and Rosie for all you have done!

This week, we welcomed our two new interns, Ashley Dowler and Carlo Costanzo. Both Ashley and Carlo are recent graduates of Miami and both were active members of the Equestrian team while they were in school.


Ashley Dowler and Carco

During her time at Miami, Ashley earned a degree in Strategic Communication and Professional Writing. She grew up riding hunters in the local area and is excited to continue working and riding at Miami.


Carlo Costanzo and Half Pint

Carlo graduated with a degree in Liberal Studies in Natural Science and Mathematics. He began his riding career at Miami and is looking forward to continued work at the equestrian center.

We welcome Ashley and Carlo and wish them the best of luck in their new roles!

MUET Dressage Riders at Derbyshire Stables


MUET dressage riders Saige Sparks, Emily Grzeda, and Emma Scheidt traveled to a competition this past weekend, where they represented Miami Equestrian and brought home many ribbons!

The competition was held at Derbyshire Stables in Camp Dennison, Ohio. The students arrived at Miami early in the morning to feed, braid, and ready their horses. Once arrived at the competition, they settled the horses into their stalls and prepared for their warm ups.


Saige and Cash

Saige rode Count the Cash (“Cash”) in Training Level Test 3 and First Level Test 1. The pair worked beautifully together, earning a 5th in T3 and a 4th in F1.


Emily and Russell

Emily and Russell rode the same tests and had lovely rides. They earned a 3rd and 5th place.


Emma and Butch

Emma and Art I Bold (“Butch”) rocked Training Level Test 1 and earned 2nd place in a very large class. They also got a great score in Training Level Test 3.

Coach Courtney Previte and Hannibal competed in First Level and won both of their classes.


Hannibal and his winning ribbons

Congratulations to all riders!

MUET Calendar 2017-18

Take a look at our upcoming year! The following calendar lists all of our currently scheduled events for the 2017-18 school year.

Mark your calendars now to join us for spirited competitions away and at home, as well as other exciting events throughout the year!



August 5 IEA Scrimmage

August 21-24: Miami Bound

August 27 Welcome Brunch 10:00-12:00

August 28: Fall Semester Classes Begin

August 29-Sept 1 Equestrian Team tryouts

September 4: Labor Day, No Classes

September 8-10 Country Heir Farm Hunter/Jumper Show

September 15-17 Homecoming

September 16 Tournament of Champions-Randolph

September 23 Hike-A-Thon

September 24: Dressage Company Show @ Miami University

September 24 Ohio State University Western Doubleheader @ Autumn Rose Farm

September 30/Oct 1 Ohio State University Hunt Seat @ Sid Griffith Equestrian

Oct 6-8 Parent’s Weekend

October 13: NCEA Scrimmage with UTM @ Miami University

October 13-15: Fall Break, No Classes

October 21-22 Miami Hunt Seat Show @ Miami

October 28-29 IDA @ Otterbein (Tentative date)

November 5 Miami University Western Doubleheader @ Miami

November 9-12 Midwest Indoors Hunter/Jumper Show @ WEC

November 22-26: Thanksgiving Break

December 2 Tournament of Champions-University of Findlay

December 11-16: Fall Final Exams

January 2-27: J-Term

January 29: Spring Semester Classes Begin

February 10-11 Otterbein University Hunt Seat Show @ Otterbein

February 18 Combined Regional Western Doubleheader @ Wilmington

February 24-25 Ohio University Hunt Seat Show @ Ohio University

February 25 Wilmington Western Doubleheader @ Wilmington

March 4 IHSA Regionals @ Sid Griffith Equestrian: Hunt Seat AM/Western PM

March 17-18 Western Semi-Finals-Location TBD

March 19-25: Spring Break

April 7 Hunt Seat Zones @ Otterbein University

April 7-8 IDA @ Miami University

April 21 Team Gala

April 28-29 IDA Nationals @ Lake Erie College, Painesville, Ohio

May 3-6: IHSA Nationals- Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

May 14-19: Spring Final Exams

We look forward to seeing you!

Welcome, Campers!


Our summer camp series is off to a fantastic start! Campers met our horses Monday morning and then enjoyed a week full of riding, learning, and camp activities.


To start, the campers learned about safety and how to properly handle their horse. They practiced haltering, leading, grooming, and saddling. Once their horses were ready, they headed out to the ring to practice skills like mounting, walking, jogging, and standing in their stirrups. As the week progressed, their skills improved and riding activities grew to include games and obstacle courses.


During their time out of the saddle, campers learned about other aspects of the horse world, including colors and markings, stall cleaning, bathing, feeding and nutrition, and general horse care and management. They made picture frames from real horse shoes taken off of our horses, took a nature hike to the nearby creek, and even spent some time painting bright colors on a few of their mounts. At the end of the week, the campers demonstrated their skills during a show for their parents. img_1822.jpg

We had a blast this week, made a bunch of memories, and can’t wait for the remaining weeks of summer camp. We hope to see you there!


To learn more about our summer camp program, or to register your child, visit and click on the “Programming” tab! 



Summer Begins


Ever wonder what happens at the barn after the students leave for the summer? Or what the staff is up to during the down time?

If you thought, “I bet it’s a very productive time of year!” then you would be correct!

The staff has been busy preparing for all of the adventures and learning the summer is bound to hold. Our summer camp programming starts in just a few short weeks and summer lessons are already in full swing.

Our first move was to send a group of the horses out to the pastures for some well-deserved vacation time. They have enjoyed the lush grass and sunny days with their buddies!


Thor majestically watches over the herd

With the horses out of the barn, we were able to prepare for the power washing that happens each year. The stalls are stripped, buckets taken down and scrubbed, and everything removed from the stall fronts so that the aisles and stalls can be fully washed.


Freshly washed and ready for the horses to move back in!

Next, the staff tackles facility areas like the tack room, to ensure everything is well organized and accounted for. They also perform a safety inspection on every piece of equipment used on our horses.


Finally, they begin preparing lesson plans, activities, and schedules for the rest of the summer. Summer camp runs for 7 weeks and is open to riders aged 8-18. Campers learn to ride and work in the barn, as well as take part in lots of other fun activities, like horse painting, nature scavenger hunts, and crafts galore, including a picture frame made from a real horse shoe.

Summer lessons are also available to students and community members. Lessons in western, hunt seat, and dressage are offered, as well as opportunities for students to travel to horse shows if they desire.


Pizarro enjoying the view from his new home

For more information about our summer learning opportunities, check out and click on the “Programming” tab!

Senior Farewell

Final exams are complete, grades have been entered, and red caps and gowns have marched across campus in a celebration of achievements, goals, and dreams. The barn is now quiet; the horses are settling in for a long summer after a week of exuberant final rides and bittersweet goodbyes.

Take a look at some of the farewell festivities shared by MUET over the past few weeks!


Senior MUET riders. From left: Kylie Fleming, Madison Enderson, Mallory Myers, Allie Stuckey, Lexie Eagleson, Ashley Dowler, Rachel McConnell, EJ Robbins, Kirsten Drew, Natalie Davis, Elizabeth Foster, Kelsey Poleyeff, Sarah Laane, Carlo Costanzo

On April 23rd we celebrated our graduating class with a musical showcase performance. The seniors and coaches worked hard to prepare the event, spending many hours choreographing, practicing, and preparing music. 15 riders performed in the event that showcased individual talents as well as a group dynamic that made for a stunning show. 3 different acts were featured – a dressage quadrille, a jumping drill team, and a drill comprised of both hunt seat and western performers.


Rachel McConnell and Charlie looking picture perfect over the new Miami Pulley Tower jump

Each group showcased different aspects of team riding, whether they incorporated signature drill team moves, performed difficult synchronized figures, or highlighted different aspects of each disciplines’ training. After the final act, the riders joined together to ride around the ring in a celebration of team unity, school spirit, and unending love for the horses and the sport.

IMG_2493 (1)

Senior riders with coaches Heather Pinnick, Beth Frey, and Courtney Previte, along with President Crawford and Dr. Crawford

Check out the videos of the performance here:

Hunt Seat/Western Drill Team

Jumping Drill Team

Dressage Quadrille

Showcase Finale

Among our valued guests were President Crawford and his wife, Dr. Crawford, who paid us a visit to watch the performances and visit with the students and horses.


Bailey getting some head scratches from President Crawford


IMG_2494 (1)

The Crawfords with Director Heather Pinnick and seniors Rachel McConnell, Ashley Dowler, and Mallory Myers

Thank you to everyone who participated or attended the event!

We want to extend a special congratulations to all of our seniors, as we wish them the best of luck in all their future endeavors. We hope they know that they will always be a part of our MUET family!

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