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MUET 2017-2018 Executive Board


On Monday, January 30th, MUET held its Exec Board Elections. Congratulations to the Miami University Executive Board for the 2017-2018 year!


Kelly O’Bryan

Vice President:

Lauren Martyn


Mariah Knagg


Keara Sonntag


Ashlyn Anderson

Travel Coordinator:

Brittany Johnson


Emily Van Zeeland


Haley Hacala

Hunt Seat Captains:

Tyler Miles

Victoria Lawler

Western Captain:

Megan Ashbrook

Dressage Captain:

Emily Grzeda



2017 Regional Standings

As we prepare to jump into our Spring Season next weekend, lets take a look at our current team standings!


MUET Dressage at Otterbein

The Dressage Team finished its fall season 2nd in the region, only 1 point behind Otterbein!

Individual Standings:

Sarah Kingsbury is currently 2nd in the region in the Intro division.

Kirsten Drew is currently 3rd in the region in First Level



MUET Hunt Seat Team at the Hunt Seat Home Show

The Hunt Seat Team ended its fall season 3rd in the region, with 5 individuals currently qualified for regional:

Novice Flat:
Victoria Lawler
Allie Shea
Intermediate Flat:
Ashley Dowler
Mallory Myers
Julia Mason



Lydia Yount at the MUET Western Home Show

The Western Team ended its fall season 2nd in the region, with 3 individuals currently qualified for regionals:

Colleen Ziegman- Intermediate

Erin Bosse- Novice

Lydia Yount- Advanced

All the teams have half of their season left to qualify individually and as a team.

We had a great start to the season, and we can’t wait to get back into the ring to finish strong!

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Spring 2017 Team Calendar



Spring semester has started!  The team has started their lessons at our winter facility. Below is our spring calendar, we look forward to seeing you at the upcoming events!

February 18-19                        Hunt Seat at Otterbein

February 18-19                       IDA at Meredith Manor

February 25-26                      Hunt Seat at Ohio University

February 26                            Western Show at OSU

March 5                                    Western at OSU

March 12                                  Regionals    AM: Western at Ollie Grifith’s, OSU

PM: Hunt Seat at Sid Grifith’s, OSU

March 25, 26                           Semi Finals at Texas A & M

April 1-2                                  IDA at Miami

April 8                                     Hunt Seat Zones at Findlay

April 6-9                                 Equine Affaire-Columbus

April 22                                    Gala-Hueston Woods Resort

April 23                                     Open House and Senior Showcase

April 29-30                             IDA Nationals-Centenary College

May 4-7                                   IHSA Nationals-Kentucky Horse Park

University of Tennessee Martin Scrimmage


MUET Takes on UTM

This fall Miami had an opportunity to participate in a scrimmage with the University of Tennessee Martin. The team competed in a NCEA style competition, which differs from its IHSA counterpart in that it is a head to head competition between two teams. Each rider is paired with a rider from the other school, and they both do the course or pattern on the same horse. Each class is worth a point, and whichever rider gets the highest score takes that point for their team. The Western and Hunt Seat team work together to earn points in individual classes, and the combined points determine the placing at the end of the day.


Western Riders at UTM

Miami scored 5 points overall, the highest they have scored against UT Martin in any of their previous scrimmages.Lauren Martyn scored the team 1 point in reining on a horse named Trash. Lydia Yount and Erin Bosse each earned Miami 1 point in their horsemanship classes. Rachel McConnell and Gabrielle Smoller both won points for Miami over fences.


Hunt Seat Riders at UTM

The team had a great time and rode beautifully, and it was fantastic for some of the Hunt Seat and Western team to get the chance to travel together, something that rarely happens. Overall, it was an awesome experience, and we look forward to UT Martin potentially making the trip to Miami next year!


Hunt Seat Captain Rachel McConnell and Western Captain Lauren Martyn

A Semester Full of Team Bonding

As the semester comes to a close, we wanted to reflect on all of the amazing team bonding events we have done over the past few months! The team did everything from bake sales to decorating stockings for the horses. Here are just a few of the events we put on with the team!

Bake Sale


MUET Phi Delt Bake Sale

The team had a bake sale at the Phi Delt Gates to fundraise for the team on October 21st! They worked from 10pm to 2 am Friday night selling water, baked goods, and freshly made waffles to students on their way home. It was a huge success, and the team raised $200 dollars to go towards student scholarships and equipment for the horses. Thank you to everyone who donated baked goods and worked the table!

Tack Shop Adventures


The Miami Hunt Seat Team at Equus Now! in Columbus

While the Hunt Seat Team was in Columbus competeing at OSU on November 5th, the team stopped by our sponser Equus Now for a team night! Equus Now has supported MUET for many years, and we can not express how much we appreciate their support. Thanks to their generosity, MUET earned over $400 in sponsorship money during the night! Thank you so much for your support, Equus Now!


The Miami Dressage Team at Bridle Path Tack Shop in Lebanon

On Saturday October 22nd, the Dressage Team traveled to Lebanon, Ohio to visit the new tack store Bridle Path Tack Shop. The team was able to stock up on items for the show coming up this weekend, and had a great time getting to know the owners Lori Cole and Joanne Hyland. They were even kind enough to give us a discount on clothing and tack! We can’t thank them enough!


The Dressage Team at Irons Fruit Farm

After the team spent almost all of their money at Bridle Path, they climbed back in their cars and drove to Iron’s Fruit Farm to spend the rest of their money on some fall bakery goods. The team ate delicious apple fritters and apple cider donuts, and went on an adventure (kids) train ride through the farms fields. It was a fantastic day of shopping and team bonding!


While the Dressage team was busy shopping in Cincinnati, the Western Team was doing the same at Quarter Horse Congress in Columbus. The team took a van up on Saturday morning to watch some of the events and to cheer on some of the MUET members who competed.

Butterfield Farms


MUET at Butterfield Farms

The team took their annual trip to Butterfield farms on October 25th! The team took a hayride around the property, and stopped to feed some cows along the way. Once the hayride was over, they shopped in Butterfields market, and then spent the rest of the night roasting marshmallows and eating smores’ around the campfire.

Pumpkin Carving

The week before Halloween, MUET got together to carve and paint pumpkins to help decorate the barn for the Western Show. The arena looked great with all of the pumpkins, haybales and cornstalks lining the fence, and the team had a great time designing and making their pumpkins.

MUET and Varsity Hockey Skate


MUET and the Miami Varsity Hockey Team take to the ice.

On November 21st, MUET and the Varsity Hockey Team paired up for a fun social event at the Goggin Ice Center. MUET arrived early to watch the Hockey Team practice, and then took to the ice to skate with the team. Everyone had a blast, and we can’t wait to get the Hockey team down to the Equestrian Center on our turf to meet the horses.


Horse Stocking Decorating

The team wanted to spruce up the barn a bit for the holiday season, and make sure all of the horses got a little treat for the cold December. The team all gathered at PR chair Julia Mason’s house to decorate stockings for all of the horses in the barn! Once all of the stockings were decorated, they were stuffed with peppermints, treats, and carrots for the horses to snack on.

The team has had an amazing semester, both in and out of the ring! We had a great time bonding and getting to know each other better, and we can’t wait to see what fun team events next semester will bring!

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MUET Dressage Competes at the University of Kentucky

On November 19th, the Dressage Team traveled to the University of Kentucky to compete at their last show of the fall season. The team drove down on Friday night and ate dinner at Applebee’s before taking an early night to prep for the show the next day. The team braved the cold, rain, and even a bit of snow to cheer each other on!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Seniors Elizabeth Foster, Kirsten Drew, and Natalie Davis


The team went to their favorite sandwich place for lunch, Wallace Street Station. It has become a tradition that every time the Dressage team travels to Kentucky, they make the drive out to get their annual sandwiches.


Emily Van Zeeland competing in her first IDA Show

Our MUET riders did a great job, and everyone rode beautifully. The horses were beautiful and well behaved, and everyone had awesome rides. The team stayed warm in the vans, and drove home in the evening for some well deserved rest.


Freshman Madelyn Hanson, Emily Shirley, and Saige Sparks (ft. Kirsten Drew)

The team placed 6th overall, and leaves the Fall semester well poised for the Spring season. Thank you to all of the members who stuck out the cold to support their teammates!


Coach Courtney Previte and Mariah Knagg in the warm-up ring.

Hunt Seat at OSU


On November 5th and 6th, the Hunt Seat team traveled to OSU for their first away show of they year! The team did an awesome job, and were prepared and ready to bring their A-game for the competition. The team had an awesome weekend, winning Reserve Champion on Saturday and Champion on Sunday!


Jill O’Bryan, Madeline Zinkl, Meaghan Murtagh, and Riley Christianson

Here are some results:


Rachel McConnell was 2nd in Open Fences.

Haley Hacala placed 4th in Open Fences.

Amy Knox was 1st in Intermediate Flat.

Gabrielle Smoller was 3rd in Intermediate Flat.

Kelly O’Bryan placed 1st in Novice Flat.

Madison Enderson placed 2nd in Novice Flat.

Tory Jenking was 2nd in Advanced Walk Trot Canter.


Madison Enderson and her 4 Paws service dog in training


Rachel McConnell was 2nd in Open Fences.

Haley Hacala placed 4th in Open Fences.

Ashley Dowler was 2nd in Intermediate Fences.

Amy Knox placed 5th in Intermediate Fences.

Kelsey Fenger was 1st in Open Flat.

Amy Know was 1st in Intermediate Fences.

Ashley Dowler was 1st in Intermediate Fences.

Courtney Manz was 1st in Novice Flat.

Shelby Frieszell placed 2nd in Novice Flat.

Emily Simanskis was 2nd in Novice Flat.

Jessica Brobst was 1st in Novice Flat.

Jill O’Bryan placed 3rd in Novice Flat.

Kylie Fleming placed 3rd in Novice Flat.

Tory Jenkins was 1st in Advanced Walk Trot Canter.

Rachel Jamison was 1st in Advanced Walk Trot Canter.

Congratulations to all the riders who competed!


Kelly O’Bryan, Emily Simanskis, and Courtney Manz

We can not thank out wonderful MUET Parents enough for supporting and feeding our team this weekend. MUET had more food than they could ever dream of eating, and the parent support is always a huge factor in our teams success! Thank you all for your constant love and support!


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Dressage at Otterbein and the Western Home Show

MUET had a busy halloween weekend with the Dressage team traveling to Otterbein for their first show of the season, and the Western team hosting their annual home show on Sunday. Both teams did an amazing job.

Dressage at Otterbein:

The team left on Friday to head up to Columbus, and stopped in Easton mall to have dinner at Flipside burgers. The team woke up early on Saturday, and arrived at Otterbein ready to take on the day.


The team watching one of their riders warming up.

Here are the individual results for Saturday:

Natalie Davis placed 4th in First Level

Kelsey Poleyeff placed 5th in Upper Training

Kendall Neubeiser placed 1st in Lower Training

Eastyn Newsome placed 1st in Intro, and pointed out of her division

Emily Shirley placed 8th in First Level at her first ever IDA show

Sarah Kingsbury placed 2nd in Intro


The team escorts Emily Shirley and Ace to the ring for their test.

The team took home Champion for the day! They celebrated by going to a hibachi restaurant for dinner before they heading to bed early to prepare for the next day.

Here are the individual results for Sunday:

Kirsten Drew placed 2nd in First Level

Mariah Knagg placed 3rd in Upper Training

Emily Grzeda placed 5th in Lower Training

Saige Sparks placed 2nd in Intro

Kayla Kramer placed 7th in First Level at her first IDA show

The team won Reserve Champion of the day, and are currently the leading team in the region! Congratulations to all riders and everyone who came to support the team!


Western Home Show:

The Western team hosted their annual home show on Sunday, October 30th. The team came together and put on an incredible show, and ended with both individual and team successes! The team was Reserve Champion in both the AM and PM shows, and there were lots of high placings throughout the day.  Jellybean made his debut in the reining and gave all of the riders great runs.  He was a favorite of all the reining riders.


Lauren Martyn and Lydia Yount were Reserve and High Point Riders for the AM show!

Lydia Yount placed 1st in Open Reining and Open Horsemanship, making her the High Point rider for the AM show.

Lauren Martyn placed 4th in Open Reining and 2nd in Open Horsemanship, winning her Reserve High Point Rider for the AM! Lauren was also Reserve High Point in the PM show, placing 1st in Open Reining and 3rd in Open Horsemanship.

Erin Bosse placed 1st in Advanced in both the AM and PM shows.

Claire Turner placed 1st in Intermediate II in the AM show.

Lauren White placed 2nd in Intermediate II in the AM

Sydney Thompson placed 3rd in Intermediate II in the AM


Coach Akers and Doogie

Alexandria Tong placed 2nd in Intermediate I in the AM and 1st in the PM

Megan Ashbrook placed 3rd in Novice in the AM and 2nd in the PM show

Nemo Lugo placed 1st in Beginner in the AM in his first IHSA show

Betsy Bonafante placed 2nd in Beginner in the AM in her first IHSA show

Hunter Ries placed 1st in Intermediate II in the PM

Alissa Martin placed 2nd in Beginner in the PM

Colleen Zeigman placed 2nd in Intermediate II in the PM


Lauren Martyn and Miami’s Jellybean

Congratulations to all riders, and thank you so much to all of the team members who helped the show run smoothly! We could not have done it without all of the support from out team members, and the amazing parents that come out and cheer MUET on.

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MUET Hunt Seat Home Show

MUET hosted its first home show of the year on October 1st and 2nd! Six schools competed both days, including Ohio State, Ohio University, Wilmington, University of Dayton, Otterbein University and Miami University. Our team did an amazing job hosting the show, and our horses were fantastic throughout the whole weekend.


Here are some of the individual results from the weekend:


Kelsey Fenger- 1st place Open Flat

Mallory Meyers- 2nd place in Intermediate Flat

Sam Ackley- 1st place in Novice Flat

Rachel Jamison- 1st place in Advanced Walk-Trot-Canter

Amanda Hayes Puttfarcken- 2nd place Advanced Walk-Trot-Canter

Saif Alunuami- 2nd place in Walk-Trot


Kelsey Fenger on Calvin


Courtney Manz – 1st place in Novice Flat

MacKenzie Brown- 2nd place in Novice Flat

Victoria Jenkins- 1st place in Adv. Walk-Trot-Canter

Jane Widder- 2nd place in Novice Flat

Emma Alhalel- 2nd place in Novice Flat

Julia Mason –  1st place Open Fences and 2nd place in Intermediate Flat  Julia was also the Reserve High Point Rider for the day.

Allie Stuckey- 3rd place in Novice Fences


Julia Mason on Bailey

It was the Hunt Seats first show of the year, and many of our freshman’s first opportunity to compete! They all rode beautifully, and were dedicated to making the show a great time both in and out of the ring. Congratulations to everyone who competed!


Team members Madison Enderson, Amy Knox, Mallory Myers, Megan McConnell, Ashley Dowler, Jill O’Bryan, Gabrielle Smoller, Kelsey Fenger, and Haley Hacala.

Every year at our Hunt Seat and Western shows, MUET raises money for Ride for the Ribbon, IHSA’s partnership with Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research. This year we had a jump decorated in pink, and sold t-shirts and cookies to raise money for the cause. With the Western Show coming up, we hope to raise even more money!


Freshman Leah Kuhn schooling Lexie

The team also got to use their brand new Oglivy saddle pads and half pads! Our horses were happy and comfortable during the long show days.

We would like to thank our dedicated parents who came to support the team, some coming as far as California to cheer on MUET! We appreciate the food and drinks they brought and special thanks to Susan Knox for taking some great photos of the weekend’s events!  We can never thank our parents enough!

MUET Dressage Ride-a-test

On September 25th, Miami hosted a ride a test opportunity for the dressage team.  Judge Wendy Enneking from Kentucky was kind enough to come and do a Ride-a-Test for the Miami riders. Each rider rode two tests, and Wendy gave feedback after each test and ran through some test elements to help each individual improve their scores. It was a great experience for all of our riders, and we can’t thank Wendy enough for taking the time to help us improve!

Our pairs for the day were:

Intro C and Training Level 1:


Emily Grzeda and Bailey



Sarah Kingsbury and Butch

Training Level 1 and 2:


Saige Sparks and Paris

Training Level 2 and 3:


Mariah Knagg and Lexus



Kendall Neubeiser and Lexie


Elizabeth Foster and Uno



Madelyn Hanson and Toby



Morgan Maison and Pleiades

Training Level 3 and First 1:


Kelsey Poleyeff and Tanner



Natalie Davis and Thor

First 1 and 3:


Kirsten Drew and Reggie

Thank you to Kirsten Drew and Morgan Maison for the great photography from the day!

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