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The progress of Miami University Equestrian

Mid Ohio Dressage at Wilmington

On June 12, Miami dressage rider Kelsey Poleyeff and coach Lindsey Carmack adventured to Roberts Arena in Wilmington Ohio for the first dressage show of the summer. The goal of the weekend was to help Kelsey begin to collect her scores towards her Bronze Medal, an award given out by USDF to any rider who receives qualifying scores in First Level, Second Level, and Third Level. Rominee Ros, known as Tanner around the barn, was the horse for the job.

Rominee Ros, aka Tanner the Cookie Monster

Rominee Ros, aka Tanner the Cookie Monster

There were many amazing horses  competing, ridden by some of the best riders in the area, but Tanner and Kelsey were up for the challenge of riding with the big boys. The first test of the day was First Level Test 1, in which they scored a 68.704% for First Place in a class of entirely Open and Amateur riders!

Happy after a great first ride!

Happy after a great first ride!

The second class of the day was First Level Test 2, in which they scored a 66.250% for another First Place! What a successful day!

It was a great weekend, both at the horse show and exploring Wilmington. The annual Banana Split Festival was in full swing, which included live music, a car show, carnival games, and of course delicious banana splits! Over the course of the weekend, Lindsey and Kelsey had seen many other guests in the hotel they were staying at carrying around animal carriers. When Lindsey inquired about why, they discovered that they needed to take a trip to the Roberts Centre to experience a different kind of animal show, the CFA Great Lakes Regional Cat Show!


Lindsey discovered her new life aspiration of becoming a cat breeder and trainer.

Overall it was a wonderful weekend full of success and fun. Stay tuned for more horse show updates.

Equivents Summer Series

The big men on campus

June 11th Miami riders Ashley Dowler, Kayla Akers, Megan O’Connell, Sydney Lewis, Intern Jackie Yeager and IEA rider Chloe Stephenson made their way to Marysville, OH to horse show at Equivents Summer Series hosted by Far and Away Farm. Head Coach Heather Pinnick took horses Thor, Carco, Maddie, Buckle and Twix to represent the University.

Ashley and Maddie aka Some Like It Hot

Ashley and Maddie aka Some Like It Hot

Debuting in the jumpers, Ashley Dowler rode Maddie in the Low Child/Adult jumpers and held their own with the big dogs.   The team was fast and zipped around the courses to many respectable 7th place finishes. Next up, Jackie Yeager and Kayla Akers rode the big boys, Carco and Thor, in the High Child/Adult Jumpers. Both pairs had clear rounds in the warmups as well as first through fourth place finishes in the division classes. On Saturday, Kayla and Thor placed 5th in the $1,500 classic, while Jackie and Carco placed 3rd. Sunday morning Jackie and Carco made their debut in the equitation ring, bringing home a 3rd place finish in the Ariat Adult Medal.

Kayla Akers and Thorwald

Kayla Akers and Thorwald

Jackie Yeager and S.F. Carco

Jackie Yeager and S.F. Carco

In the hunter ring, Megan O’Connell, Sydney Lewis and Chloe Stephenson all rode in the Limit Rider division. Chloe competed on Saturday and Sydney on Sunday  sharing Twix, while Megan rode Buckle. Megan rode wonderfully and came home with many respectable ribbons with  3rd’s and 4th’s on a new horse. Chloe won her first class and was 5th in the second round and Sydney was 3rd in the limit equitation on the flat and over fences and 5th in the limit hunter.  We are proud of all three girls as the limit division was large! Congratulations to Sydney who competed in her first Hunter Jumper show outside of the IHSA!

Chloe and Twix

Chloe and Twix

Megan and Buckle aka Buckle Down

Megan and Buckle aka Buckle Down

Sydney and Twix aka Showboy

Sydney and Twix aka Showboy

Overall, it was a wonderful weekend of horse showing despite the crazy weather at times. Stay tuned for more horse shows this summer!

Weekend At Windfall

To start the summer of horse shows off, MUET horses and riders packed up and headed to Windfall Farms, where they and four Autumn Rose IEA riders rode through the rain and shine. Miami horses Pleiades, Twix, Irish, Jack, Buckle and Larry were super stars and proved that they truly do like the horse show life.

FullSizeRender (5)

Jill O’Bryan and Pleiades made a wonderful pair for the Intermediate Adult Hunters. They brought home a 2nd, 3rd and a 4th over fences, with a 3rd in the hack and another 2nd in the EQ.

Jill and Mama P

Jill and Pleiades

Next up, Miami’s own Megan O’Connell and Twix made a great pair for the Limit Rider division. The pair for a 2nd and two 3rd’s over fences with a 5th place in both the hack and EQ.

Megan and Twix

Megan and Twix

During the summer horse showing season, head coach Heather Pinnick offers the opportunity to horse show to some of  IEA riders  from  Autumn Rose Farm out of Columbus, OH. This time around we were lucky enough to bring along four other riders to help them further their career and experience riding different horses.

ARF Windfall

Chloe, Sarah, Heather, Madison, and Lily showing off all their ribbons!

Chloe who attended horse shows with Miami last summer returned again to do the Beginner Rider division aboard Irish. The pair brought home a 2nd and a 3rd on Saturday as well as a 1st and 3rd on Sunday. Fellow teammate Madison who rode Larry in the Beginner Rider division came home with a 3rd, two 4th’s, two 5th’s and a 6th, while Sarah and Buckle who also rode in the Beginner Rider division came home with two 2nd’s, a 4th, and a 1st. Sarah and Buckle were named Reserve Champion of the Division!

ARF Girls

Madison, Sarah, and Lily

Lilly Johnson rode Miami’s trusty Jack in the cross rails and 18 inch division. In the crossrails, Lilly and Jack were named Reserve Champion, while in the 18 inch division, they brought home two 1st’s, two 2nd’s, a 3rd and a 5th place.

Overall, everyone had a wonderful weekend and we cannot wait to continue our summer series!

Jill and Megan had a great weekend!

Jill and Megan had a great weekend!

IHSA Nationals at the Big E

This year, MUET had two riders qualify individually for IHSA Nationals. They were held at the Big E in West Springfield Massachusetts. Sophomore Rachel McConnell qualified in the Hunt Seat Novice Flat division and freshman Lauren Martyn qualified in the Western Open Horsemanship.

The Nationals capitalized on the rich history of the eastern seaboard.  The draw table simulated the water, sand, and sea life, as students drew plush lobsters to find out their horses.

Thursday afternoon Rachel drew Remy from Cazenovia College. She rode wonderfully to a ninth place finish overall.


Next up, Lauren rode Friday afternoon on a horse named George provided by the University of Findlay. It seems that ninth place was in MUET’s cards for the weekend as Lauren finished up ninth as well.



Congratulations to both rider representing MUET in both disciplines!  We look forward to another season beginning this fall.

Dressage Takes On Nationals


 On April 25th and 26th MUET took on IDA Nationals hosted by Otterbein University. Not only did the team qualify, but individually Kelsey Poleyeff qualified as well in the lower training division. Miami horses Tanner and Butch were lucky enough to go along for the ride and represent MUET at the National level! Tanner showed upper training and received a second place, while Butch showed in the intro and received 7th and 8th place overall.


Butch and his ladies

It was a very fun weekend overall. On Friday night, the team went to a Derby themed competitor’s dinner and won a hat decorating contest with Otterbein before the showing began on Saturday and Sunday.


The results are as follows:

Kelsey Polyeff (individual) 7th place 66.8% on Shane

Elizabeth Foster 11th place 60% on Caruso

Kelsey Polyeff 10th place 62% on Kingston

Natalie Davis 12th place 63.8% on Piper

Emily Gillespie 4th place 67.8% on Cully

Overall, the team ended up 11th place. Congratulations to all on a wonderful, hard working weekend!


Kelsey on Shane


Surprise Lindsey….we’re taking a picture!

Year End Gala and Scholarship Winners

As each year comes to an end, MUET hosts an annual Gala to showcase each team and individual accomplishments. This year, MUET was lucky enough to host Bob Cacchione, the founder of IHSA, for a wonderful weekend full of fun. Although everyone finds the silent and live auctions to be the main entertainment for the night, student scholarships and awards are an extremely important part of the evening.


Bob Cacchione posing with the directors

This years recipients are as follows:
Smokescreen: Eligible to current freshman, each applicant writes about his or her personal experiences between the bonds of a horse and rider. This scholarship is in honor of Smokey who was a true athlete, a loyal partner, strong competitor and gentle soul.
This years recipient is Kelly O’Bryan.
Truman: Eligible the any hunt seat rider in the novice jumping division, each rider write about their experience in the novice jumping division and what he or she has learned from being a part of MUET. This scholarship is in honor of Truman who demonstrated dedication, willingness and enthusiasm in the ring.
This years recipient is Rachel McConnell.
Citro: Sportsmanship award given to a senior member of the team who demonstrates unwavering sportsmanship and dedication to the team.  This award is in honor of Laura Citro who demonstrated sportsmanship to her teammates each time she came down to the stables.  This individual is selected by the coaching staff as well as the executive board of the team.
This years recipient is Amy Fleitz
Scout: Eligible to any level riders in any year. This scholarship is in honor of Scout who was the perfect Miami University horse and intercollegiate draw. This scholarship is presented to a rider that shows the same positive attitude, willingness and understanding.
This years recipient is Kathleen Dodson.
Graduating Member: Eligible to any graduating members, each applicant must write about how MUET has impacted his or her life and their future.
This years recipient is Amy Fleitz.
Returning Member: Eligible for any returning member. Each applicant writes about how the skills obtained from the team will benefit them in his or her future endeavors.
The recipient of this award is Kelsey Poleyeff

Sophomore Kelsey Poleyeff

At the end of the evening, MUET’s seniors were recognized for their time with the team. Each year, seniors are awarded their senior gifts as well as one member who is awarded the graduating member scholarship. Congratulations to Amy Fleitz for the graduating member scholarship, as well as all of our other seniors for their hard work and dedication to the team!

MUET’s Seniors

Dressage Home Show

On April 11th and 12th, Miami hosted their annual home dressage show in the lovely sunny and 70 degree weather. Despite a week long of rain leading up to the show, the team didn’t let anything stop them and their hard work!


The results are as follows:


1st level: Valerie Copits 6th 61.72%, Jeana-Rae Schaper 5th 65.63%, Josephine Nachemson-Ekwall 4th 66.72%
Upper Training: Natalie Davis 2nd 69.62%, Spencer Clark 4th 66.92%, Mariah Knagg 8th  63.85%
Lower Training: Kelsey Poleyeff 1st  76.74%, Katie Forrester 6th 67.17%, Kathi Ropers 3rd 68.26%
Intro: Elizabeth Foster 6th 60.63%, Victoria Cooke 3rd 68.75%, Laura Adkins 8th 59.38%

Miami Teams placed fourth and fifth overall

Sunday :
1st level: Jeana-Rae Schaper 2nd 68.088%, Emily Gillispie 6th 61.324%, Josephine Nachemson-Ekwall 4th 62.647%
Upper Training: Natalie Davis 4th 62.955%, Amelia Plfeger 2nd, 64.773%, Spencer Clark 3rd 64.019%
Lower Training:  Kelsey Poleyeff 2nd 68.696%, Amy Fleitz 3rd 67.391%,  Emily Swatkowski 4th 66.087%,
Intro:  Elizabeth Foster 4th  59.688%,  Laura Adkins 3rd 62.500%

Miami Teams placed second and third overall


Elizabeth Foster, Katie Forrester, and Mariah Knagg

Congratulations to Kelsey Poleyeff for being named Reserve High Point Rider on Saturday and finished first in the region securing her ticket to Nationals. Natalie Davis who was 2nd in Upper Training in the Region overall, and Tori Cooke who was 3rd in Intro in the Region overall.

Lexus and Kathi looking dapper

Kathi and Lexus looking dapper

Thank you to everyone who helped put on a wonderful weekend of showing, we couldn’t do it without you! A huge thank you to Otterbein University for supplying horses for the weekend. We appreciate your help!

Semi Finals and Zones

Four Miami riders made their way to Semi Finals in Sunbury, OH at Eden Park in hopes of making their way on to Nationals at the Big E. The top four riders from each division move on to Nationals.

Semi Prizes pic

Natalie Montecalvo rode in the Novice Horsemanship and placed seventh overall.  Megan Perry rode wonderfully in the Advanced Horsemanship and brought home a fifth place ribbon, almost making the cut. Zach LeCompte competed in the Beginner Horsemanship and had a wonderful ride. Freshman Lauren Martyn made her debut in the Open Horsemanship and Open Reining. Lauren came in fifth in the reining and second in the horsemanship. Congratulations Lauren on qualifying for Nationals!  We would also like to thank Kathleen Dodson, Lydia Yount, and Megan Ashbrook for their help in putting semi finals on.  They ran the draw table and various other jobs to help the show run smoothly.

Zach Lecompte

Zach Lecompte

Lauren posing with Bob and Open Horsemanship first place winner

Lauren posing with Bob and Open Horsemanship first place winner from Ohio State, Jessica Cornwell

Following Semi Finals, five Miami Hunt Seat riders traveled to Morehead, KY to compete at Zones. Beginning with the Walk Trot, Kylie Flemming came home with a sixth place finish. Next up, Helena Kervinen competed in the Walk Trot Canter and finished up fourth place. Sophomore Rachel McConnell rode in the Novice Flat and secured a place to Nationals with a second place finish. Junior Alex Roe competed in the Intermediate flat and brought home a fourth place ribbon as well. Finishing up the flat divisions, Open Flat rider Caroline Hurst rode her way to a fifth place.

Photo (11)

Congratulations to everyone on a wonderful Semi Finals and Zones! Be sure to look out for Lauren and Rachel as they prepare for Nationals!

Moving On To Semi Finals and Zones

On March 8th, Miami Redhawks regional qualifiers traveled to Stonegate Farm and Autumn Rose Farm in hopes of qualifying for Zones and Semi Finals. On the Hunt Seat side, Miami had five qualifiers in each division on the flat. The Western team had four riders qualify for Semi Finals.

Hunt Seat Qualifiers:

Caroline Hurst- Open Flat

Alex Roe- Intermediate Flat

Rachel McConnell- Novice Flat

Helena Kervinen- Advanced Walk Trot Canter

Kylie Flemming- Walk-Trot

Julia, Taylor, Jessi and Rachel prepare for the Novice

Julia, Taylor, Jessi and Rachel prepare for the Novice

Western Qualifiers: 

Natalie Montecalvo- Novice Horsemanship

Zach LeCompte- Beginner Horsemanship

Megan Perry- Advanced Horsemanship

Lauren Martyn- Open Horsemanship and Open Reining

western pic

Congratulations to our Zones and Semi Finals qualifiers! MU…ET!!

Semi finals will be hosted at Eden Park in Sunbury, Ohio and Zones will be at Morehead State University.

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