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MUET’s Annual Holiday Gathering

Team Christmas 2018

Happy end of the semester from MUET!

Despite some bitter weather these past few weeks, the team ended the semester with high spirits and plenty of holiday cheer.

Coach Beth Frey graciously hosted our annual team holiday dinner at her house. Over delicious baked pasta, salad, and a myriad of snacks and desserts, the team reminisced about the semester and discussed holiday plans. They came together for a white elephant gift exchange at the end, with some adorable and hilarious results!

We wish everyone best of luck and safe travels as they finish their finals this week and head home for the holidays. See you all in January!


Hunt Seat Team Victorious at Tournament



The hunt seat team had the opportunity to compete at the Holiday Tournament of Champions on December 1.  The riders along with 6 Miami horses traveled to Columbus, Ohio to Otterbein University.   All the Miami riders put points on the board throughout the day to finish out as Reserve Champion out of 16 of the top teams in the country.

Individual Results are below:

Haley Hacala-Open Fences-3rd Place

Victoria Lawler-Open Flat-2nd Place

Tess Von Hemel-Intermediate Fences-1st Place

Marley Vieta-Intermediate Flat-4th Place and Novice Fences 5th Place

Ari Chinoporos-Novice Flat-5th Place

Hannah Kucera-Walk, Trot, Canter-4th Place

Jonathon DeBlasi-Walk Trot-3rd Place

Scoreboard TOC

Shannon Allen participated in the High Medal class and was called back from the flat to compete in the over fences phase.  Shannon was 9th overall in the high medal.

We are also very proud of the Miami ponies who participated in the show!



Western Team finishes semester strong!

The Miami University Western team wrapped up their fall semester with an outstanding weekend at Midway University in Midway, Kentucky. The Redhawks headed south on Friday, bringing five Miami horses along for the ride. Gambler, Brandi, Stormy, Jellybean, and Tonka all put their game faces on for the weekend ahead.

The Saturday show began with Violet Romanak having two great rides in both Reining and Horsemanship to earn the day’s High Point Rider Award. Chloe Larson and David Rozman also won blue in their classes. As a whole, the Redhawks dominated the day, showing their depth in each division. The team earned high point honors and inched away from the rest of the Region going into Sunday’s show. “I was especially pleased with how each rider on the team showed marked improvement in the show ring.” said Coach Beth Frey.

Western Team midway

Team spirit was high as the Redhawks sported their Festive nature wearing Gobbler and Pilgrim hats throughout the day. “Why not?” said Junior Kayleigh Bernow. “Everyone has to show their silly side now and again.” The team finished off the day with a delicious team dinner at a local Hibachi Steakhouse before returning to rest up for the Sunday Show,

Day two at Midway started off all blue for the Hawks, with Violet Romanak taking the win aboard Midway’s “Don Julio” in the reining. She once again took high point rider honors for the day. Morgan Hillard, aboard Miami’s own Jellybean slid into third in the reining with an outstanding performance as well. Other Miami riders taking first place honors were: Nikki Mance and Alexandria Tong.

Western girls midway


Miami Western finished the day with 30pts for the win and have moved ahead in the Region by 23 points going into next semester’s horse shows. The Western team will travel to Morehead State University on February 9-10 to complete their regular show season with a double header on Saturday and a double header on Sunday. Coach Beth Frey says, “We are looking forward to capitalizing on the depth of our team and flexibility of our riders through this weekend in February. Four horse shows in one weekend will truly test our determination and rally, but we are certainly up to the challenge!”

Dressage Team Takes on First Two Competitions of the Season


Over the weekend of November 3rd and 4th, MUET’s Dressage team traveled to the rolling hills of Waverly, West Virginia to kick off the 2018-19 IDA season with a competition at Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre.

The Intercollegiate Dressage Association shows consist of two different types of classes – test riding and Dressage Seat Equitation. Each day began with the test riding and concluded with 4 divisions of DSE.

On Saturday, the team started out strong with great rides from all. Emily Shirley took 6th in the First Level division aboard a lovely quarter horse named Scottie. Emily Van Zeeland, Maya Vulcan, and Kendall Neubeiser took on the Upper Training division next. Emily placed 4th, Kendall placed 6th, and Maya was 1st with a 68.4%. Great job riders!


Keara Sonntag and Clyde, all smiles after their 1st place ride!

Keara Sonntag continued the great riding in the afternoon with another win, sending the team into first place. Hallie Goss took 3rd in the Intro division cinching the WIN for Miami!


In the Dressage Seat Equitation classes, rider Sage Crandall started the team off with a 1st place, while Maddy Guthrie earned 4th after a lovely ride. Maya Vulcan and Emily Van Zeeland rode in the Upper Training DSE division and demonstrated wonderful tact and ability. Sarah Kingsbury and Lizzie Luh took on the Lower Training division, followed by Hallie Goss, Madison Fowles, and Kayla Victor in the Intro class. Hallie won and the rest received great placings in the large classes.

The team celebrated their success with dinner at Olive Garden and returned to the hotel early to rest up for the next day.

On Sunday, the team once again put in strong rides. Despite a few setbacks and some lower scores, the team worked together to rally and help each other finish the day strong. The first level riders had fantastic rides aboard Lucas, a large grey gelding.


Kayla Kramer and Lucas

In the Upper Training, Maya Vulcan and Emily Van Zeeland earned a 5th and 6th respectively. Emma Scheidt rode Kermit in the Lower Training and placed 6th. Hallie Goss and Madsion Fowles rode in the Intro division and earned a 5th and a 2nd place.


Emily Van Zeeland and Ranger

In the DSE, all riders rode their best and cheered each other on. Maddy Guthrie won her class, and several other riders had great placings as well.

After a short two weeks, the team headed back out on the road to travel to Otterbein University.

The night before the show the team gathered to review their geometry and discuss how they would ride the next day. The group played “circle trivia”, which consisted of questions about the measurements of a dressage arena, the proper circle points, and overarching ideas to remember while riding each movement.


Emily Shirley and Flynn

The following morning, Emily Shirley started the team off with a gorgeous ride aboard Otterbein’s horse Flynn in the First level, earning a close 2nd place. Maddy Guthrie rode a newer horse, Annabelle, in a lovely test

Emily Van Zeeland and Ella Trowbridge (making her IDA debut) represented in the Upper Training aboard Lucas and Jerry, while Keara Sonntag rode Blake in the Lower Training division.

Hallie Goss and Madison Fowles finished out the test riding on Calero and Limerick, earning 5th and 2nd place respectively.

In the DSE, Sage Crandall started the team off strong with a first place finish aboard Louie. Other notable placings in the DSE included a 4th from Emily Van Zeeland, and a 4th for Kayla Victor.


Sage Crandall and Louie celebrating the win!

After the show, the team headed to dinner and then once again gathered together to discuss strategies for the next day. One rousing pep talk later, the group spent a few hours playing get-to-know-you games to further increase their team spirit.

Their hard work paid off, and Sunday the team started strong and supported each other through every class.

Emily Shirley rode Flynn once again, and after perfecting a few moves in the warm up ring, rode to a first place finish. Congrats Emily!

The riders in Upper Training brought the heat as well, with strong rides from Kendall Neubeiser, Maya Vulcan, and Emily Van Zeeland, sending the team into second place going into the afternoon.

Emma Scheidt and Avery Comar rode in the Lower Training, where Emma earned a 5th place and Avery a 6th in her very first IDA show.


Hallie Goss and Calero in the warm up ring with coach Courtney Monarch

The Intro riders finished up the day with stunning rides – Hallie Goss earned a 1st place aboard Calero, and Madison Fowles was 2nd aboard Mick, vaulting the team into a tie with Otterbein! Congrats to the riders for coming together and riding their best in some tough competition.

In the DSE, Sage Crandall once again earned the blue ribbon aboard Louie. Freshmen Morgan Shenk, CiCi Terry, and Claire Lamphear rode in their very first IDA classes and did very well. Maya Vulcan earned another blue in the Upper Training, ending the day on a positive note for Miami.


Lizzie Luh all smiles in her DSE class

Overall, while the team faced some challenges during the beginning of their season, they rose to the occasion and finished the semester strong and in a great place to begin again in the spring.


Stay tuned for news about our Western team’s end of the semester!

Also, check out these videos from dressage team member Hallie Goss, highlighting memorable moments from Otterbein’s show!

Midwest Indoors I

Last week members of the hunt seat team returned to The World Equestrian Center for the Midwest Indoors I show. Once again, Miami traveled with a very large group of fourteen horse and rider pairs, who competed over the course of four days.


Victoria Lawler started the week off competing her horse, SCF Lydell in the 2’9″ baby greens. At just six years old, Lydell was a star throughout the week with a second place finish in the intermediate adult hunters among other ribbons.


Miami also had three other horses competing in the intermediate adult hunters. Lauren Hanny and Vermillion, known as “Morris” in the barn, finished with a pair of sevenths and a fourth place over fences. Cassidy Rayfield rode Artistic, known as “Lexus” to a third place in the hack, and a pair of fourths over fences. To close out the division, Ari Chinoporos rode Pizarro to a win in the intermediate adult equitation flat and second in the first round of the classic, among other ribbons.

In the Sanctuary ring, Miami had five jumpers competing across three divisions. In the intermediate jumpers, Madison Theodore and Count the Cash won the $1000 classic and were champions of the division. In the novice division, Riverdale, known as “Archie” in the barn showed Ari Chinoporos the way around her first time competing in the jumpers. Ari and Archie finished with a second and a pair of sixths.


Ari Chinoporos & Riverdale

Three horse and rider pairs competed in the low child/adult jumpers as well. Talli Wallin ventured out of the hunter ring for a weekend in the jumpers with Thorwald, where they finished eighth in one trip. Lilly French showed S.F Carco and finished with a second, a seventh in the $1000 classic, and a fourth in the 3′ flat phase of the equitation finale. Finally, Tess Von Hemel and Stellar paired up again and finished with a fifth and seventh place ribbon. All three horse and rider combinations had many solid rounds throughout the weekend.

Back in the hunter ring, Meredith Loges showed Rio Ritch, known as “Ritchie” in the barn. Meredith and Ritchie made a great duo and finished with a pair of seconds over fences, among other ribbons.


Meredith Loges & Rio Rich

Last but not least, Miami brought along four adult hunters as well. Haley Hacala showed Cayenne Z, known as “CZ” who just recently became a part of the Miami family. Haley and CZ won an adult hunter trip, and finished second in the first round of the classic, just to name a couple of their placings. Shannon Allen paired up with Aventuur, known as “Baron” again and had a great show, finishing as reserve champion of the division, second in the classic, and second over fences in the 3′ section of the equitation finale, as well as winning an adult hunter round.

Meaggan Niesen and Varsity, known as “Charlie” are turning into a seasoned pair together, and were champion of the division with multiple second place finishes, and a second on the flat in the 3′ section of the equitation finale.


Meaggan Niesen & Varsity

Finally, Kelsey Fenger showed Calvin Benning in the equitation ring throughout the weekend. Kelsey was champion of the adult equitation and the highlight of her weekend was no doubt winning the equitation finale after winning both the flat and fences portion, out of 48 horses. The final work off included an entire flat class without stirrups, where Kelsey and Calvin rose to the occasion.


Kelsey Fenger & Calvin Benning

The semester is winding down and we are getting ready to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday at the end of the week.

Dressage Team Prepares for Season with Ride-A-Test Clinic


Saige Sparks and Balin

On Sunday, October 21st, while the Hunt Seat team was finding great success at Georgetown, the Dressage team hosted a ride-a-test clinic to help prepare riders for their upcoming competition.


Keara Sonntag and Stellar

The clinic ran from 9am to 5pm and hosted riders of all levels. Students rode a Miami horse in two separate tests.


Hallie Goss and Ritchie

After their first test, riders had the opportunity to speak with judge Jennifer Grant and discuss the areas in which they could improve. She gave them feedback to take back to the warm up ring and practice before their next ride.


Avery Comar and Thor

The students then returned for another test, hoping to use the feedback to improve their scores.

The clinic was run by the team, who worked hard to scribe, run tests, score, set the ring, and care for the horses.


Emma Scheidt and Pizarro

Ultimately, students and horses performed beautifully and earned a lot of great feedback that we will use throughout the competition season.

Special thanks to our judge, Jennifer Grant, as well as the staff, students, and horses who made this successful day possible!

Hunt Seat Team Dominates at Georgetown

The hunt seat team just completed the final shows of the fall season this past weekend hosted by Georgetown College in Kentucky.  The team persevered through ever changing weather conditions and illness.  Rally caps and blue hair helped to secure the wins both days.

Georgetown Sunday Team 2018

We had several new members showing for the first time and several members were able to compete in the opportunity novice class.  First place honors going to:

Hanna Kucera-Opportunity Novice and WTC

Victoria Lawler-Open Flat

Courtney Manz-Intermediate Flat

Macy Whitaker-WTC

Meredith Loges-WTC

Maggie Niesen-Novice Flat

Victoria Lawler (shown below demonstrating her rally cap) was also honored with High Point Rider for her second over fences and win on the flat.


Sunday first place honors awarded to:

Victoria Lawler-Open Fences and Open Flat

Tess Von Hemel-Intermediate Fences

Emily Pure-Opportunity Novice

Carol Frye-Opportunity Novice

Grace Hamilton-WTC

Ari Chinoporos-Novice Flat

Melissa Shadrick-WTC

Marley Vieta-Intermediate Flat

High point rider honors went to Victoria Lawler on day 2 as well.

Cara Georgetown

Cara Amatangelo

The team is now leading the region by 21 points.  We are looking forward to our shows next semester and finishing out the season strong.  MU………..ET!!!!!!!!!



Miami University Hunt Seat Show

On October 13th and 14th the Miami University hunt seat team hosted their annual home show at the Miami University Equestrian Center. The team was very excited to host the new region and show off the unicorns that call the Miami stables home.


Baron one of the resident unicorns

Saturday started off on a high note that would continue throughout the weekend. In the over fences portion, Amy Knox won intermediate fences, while Mackenzie Brown and Meaggan Niesen each won a split of novice fences. Additionally, Shannon Allen was second in open fences, and Shelby Frieszell was second in novice fences.


In the afternoon, Miami riders rose to the occasion on many of our unicorn worthy horses.

First place flat rides from Saturday include:

  • Victoria Lawler – Open Flat
  • Shannon Allen – Intermediate Flat
  • Meaggan Niesen – Novice Flat
  • Amy Knox – Intermediate Flat
  • Abigail Heublein – Novice Flat
  • Alyssa Oddo – Walk Trot
  • Madison Theodore – Novice Flat
  • Grace Hamilton – Beginner Walk Trot Canter

Olivia LeRoux & Buckle

Amy Knox was high point rider for the day, and Meaggan Niesen was reserve high point rider.


Meaggan Niesen & Amy Knox

At the end of the day, Miami had five first place finishes on the scoreboard, finishing with 43 points, 12 points ahead of the reserve champion team.

Sunday brought a little rain, but that never dampened Miami’s team spirit. The horses and riders were fantastic all day long. Miami started the day by claiming the top three spots in the open fences – Shannon Allen won the class, Haley Hacala was second, and Victoria Lawler was third.


Haley Hacala, Shannon Allen, Victoria Lawler

In the intermediate fences, Tess Von Hemel won section A, and Amy Knox was second in section B. Miami’s novice riders swept all three sections – Marley Vieta won section A, Ari Chinoporos won section B, and Courtney Manz won section C.

After winning six of the seven over fences classes, spirits were high going into the flat. Kelsey Fenger started the afternoon off with a win in the open flat.

Other winning flat rides from Sunday include:

  • Marley Vieta – Intermediate Flat
  • Jonathan DeBlasi – Walk Trot
  • Katie Pauly – Beginner Walk Trot Canter
  • Elizabeth Saccoliti – Novice Flat

Elizabeth Saccoliti & Jellybean

Marley Vieta also tied for high point rider and ended up as reserve high point. At the end of the day, Miami tied for high point with 36 points and won after the tie breaker.


Marley Vieta & Lexus

The Miami horses and riders rose to the occasion and we are so proud of both the riders and our four legged friends. The hunt seat time will travel to Georgetown College to finish off the fall season.


Western @ Northern Kentucky University

On Sunday, October 7th the western team traveled to Northern Kentucky University for a region three doubleheader. Coming in to the show, Miami was one point behind the region leader, making it a very tight race.


The AM show was filled with many high notes, including finishing as reserve high point team after a tiebreaker.

Violet Romanak started Miami off on a high note with a win in the open horsemanship. This trend continued throughout the day with many top ribbons across the board.


Violet Romanak

Other top finishes from the AM show include:

  • Claire Turner – Second Place Novice Horsemanship
  • Logan York – Second Place Intermediate II Horsemanship
  • Kayleigh Bernow – Second Place Novice Horsemanship
  • Allison Ward – Second Place Intermediate II Horsemanship

Miami made it through a long day during the PM, with many personal bests and successes throughout the show.

Top placings from the PM show include:

  • David Rozman – First place Beginner Horsemanship
  • Sophie Fitzhugh – Second Place Intermediate II Horsemanship
  • Morgan Hillard – First place Open Horsemanship
  • Allison Tamulewicz – Second Place Open Horsemanship

At the end of the day, Miami obtained enough points to become the new regional leader. The team has their next competition in November at Midway University.  They are looking to finish out the semester strong!


World Equestrian Center Fall II

On October 2nd, Miami traveled to the World Equestrian Center in Wilmington, Ohio with 15 horses to compete over five days. This is one of the largest groups of horses and riders that we’ve ever competed, and we were so happy with the accomplishments from every rider in attendance.


Miami started the week off in the baby green division with Victoria Lawler showing her own horse “SCF Lydell” and Jessica Brobst showing her own, “Havin Lots of Fun.” Lydell was second in one baby green trip, as well as champion in the intermediate adult division, winner of the intermediate classic, and second in the 2’6″ non-pro derby. Haven had a solid showing with a ninth place finish in the classic, and an 8th place finish in the derby. Both horses were spectacular throughout the week, especially at such a young age.

Miami had five jumpers competing throughout the week. Emily Roesch showed “Count The Cash” in the intermediate jumpers and earned a win in the intermediate classic. Tess Von Hemel showed “Bellagio” known as Bella in the barn, in the novice jumper division. This was Bella’s first show with Miami and she was thrilled to be there, finishing second in one round, as well as fifth in the novice classic.

Freshman Lilly French traveled with Miami as well and competed a horse trained by Linda Radigan, “Vrai” in the child/adult jumpers. Lilly had a successful week, winning a class in the division.


Lilly & Vrai

Miami also had three showing in the low jumper division – Amy Knox with “Thorwald”, Ashley Lawson with “S.F. Carco” and Emma Bach with her own, “Empty Spaces.” Emma competed with her home barn, Idlebrook Stables and trainer Katrina Fanning.  Each horse had great rounds with Thor finishing second and third, Carco finishing seventh, and Emma and Iggy winning a class and earning champion of the division.

Back to the hunters in the outdoor rings, Paige Coughlin and Ari Chinoporos competed in the intermediate hunters. Paige and “Artistic” known as Lexus in the barn, finished third in an intermediate children’s hunter trip, as well as first in the under saddle.  Ari started the week off showing Pizarro in the intermediate equitation winning the EQ flat and placing with a pair of seconds over fences, making her Champion in the Intermediate Equitation.   She also showed Pizarro off in the hunter ring, finishing third in the intermediate adult under saddle, and fourth in the classic.

Rachel Milenius showed “Rio Ritch” known as Ritchie in the limit hunter division. Ritchie showed with Miami for the first time since coming to us, and was a gentleman all weekend. Rachel and Ritchie finished second in the equitation, and reserve champion in the limit hunter division.


Rachel Milenius & Ritchie

Last but not least, Miami also had five showing in the adult hunters. Amy Knox showed her own, “Simon Says” to a fourth place finish in the adults, and a seventh in the national hunter derby. Haley Hacala showed her mare, “Hidden’s Creek Toula” to many top finishes including a third in a hunter round, second place in the under saddle, and second in the Ariat adult medal and 12th in the national hunter derby.

Three Miami horses also competed in the adult hunters – Shannon Allen with “Aventuur” known as Baron, Talli Wallin with “Calvin Benning”, and Meaggan Niesen with “Varsity” known as Charlie in the barn. Talli had a successful first show with Miami showing Calvin, finishing sixth in the national hunter derby, and receiving a pair of thirds in the equitation. Shannon Allen paired up with Baron again for a very successful show. Shannon finished as reserve champion in the equitation, as well as finishing in the top two in three hunter trips, with one winning round.

Meaggan Niesen and Charlie have competed in quite a few shows together, and their success in the ring shined this week. Meaggan and Charlie were champion in the equitation, champion in the adult hunters, and first place in the national hunter derby.


Meaggan Niesen & Charlie

Finally Charlie and Toula helped Grayson and Tristan Pinnick score a 90 in the leadline.  This was their first time showing and had a great time!




We are so proud of all of our horse and rider combinations, and can’t wait to head back to the World Equestrian Center in November.


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