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MUET 2017 Gala


The Miami University Western Team (with special guest Edgar)

On April 22nd, MUET hosted our annual Gala at Hueston Woods, where we had a night full of reflection, food, and laughter. Our coaches gave a hilarious summary of our year involving emergency hats and personalized MUET Stickers, five of our seniors gave heartfelt speeches, and the team awarded scholarships and superlatives to some of it’s members. Congratulations to all of our scholarship winners:

Rachel McConnell – Citro Award

Megan Ashbrook- Scout Scholarship

Kelly O’Bryan – Truman Award

Allie Stuckey – Graduating Member

Sarah Kingsbury – Returning Member

Keara Sonntag – Smokescreen Award

Congratulations also to our Amy Schenkel scholarship winners!

Amanda Hayes-Puttfarcken

Emily Simanskis

Sarah Kingsbury

Madeline Zinkl

Jill O’Bryan

Madison Ramba

Lauren Martyn

Megan Ashbrook


The Miami University Dressage Team

We also put on a silent auction and raffle as our annual fundraiser for the team. Thank you so much to all of the people who donated to the Silent Auction, and to all who purchased raffle tickets and won baskets!

Amanda Wasser

Anderson Family

Ashbrook Family

Drew Family  

Fitzgerald Family

Hacala Family


Knagg Family

Knox Family

Lawler Family

Martyn Family

Maison Family

McConnell Family

O’Bryan Family  (Jill O’Bryan)

O’Bryan Family  (Kelly O’Bryan)

Poleyeff Family

Shea Family

Sontagg Family

The Coaches

The Team

Ziegman Family


Hunt Seat riders Ashley Dowler, Kelly O’Bryan, Rachel McConnell, and Jill O’Bryan

Thank you to everyone who attended, and everyone who worked hard to make the night go off without a hitch! Special thank you to Julia Mason, the teams PR chair, who planned the whole night. It was a great night, and we are so happy that we were able to share the special event with team members and their families.

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MUET Hunt Seat Riders Take Zones

MUET Hunt Seat Team sent four riders to compete at the Zone 6 Finals at University of Findlay on April 8th. The team left Friday afternoon, and stopped at Outback Steakhouse for a dinner. Riders Julia Mason, Tory Jenkins, Kelsey Fenger, and Mallory Myers represented MUET on Saturday, and all rode beautifully!


Here are the individual results:

Tory Jenkins was Champion in Walk Trot Canter! Tory will be representing MUET at IHSA Nationals.

Mallory Myers was Champion in Intermediate Flat, and will be headed to IHSA Nationals for a second year in a row.

Kelsey Fenger was 4th in Open Flat

Julia Mason was 6th in Intermediate Flat


Mallory Myers with her sister, MUET Alumni Taylor Myers

Congratulations on a great weekend to all of the riders, and good luck to Mallory and Tory as they prepare for IHSA Nationals May 4th-7th at the Alltech Arena in Lexington, Kentucky.  Tory and Mallory will show on Thursday May 4.

We hope you will all join us in celebrating the 50th anniversary of the IHSA throughout the week.

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MUET Dressage is Going to Nationals!


A beautiful sunrise to start a great show day!

On April 1st and 2nd, MUET hosted its annual dressage home show to finish out the IDA regular season. All of the early mornings, planning and prepping paid off, as the show went off without a hitch! The horses were beautiful and well-behaved, and gave their all to put in great tests. Our riders also put in some amazing tests, winning Reserve Champion Team on Sunday.

Kirsten Drew (3)

Kirsten Drew on Reggie

Here are some of the placings from the weekend:

Kirsten Drew placed 1st in First Level both Saturday and Sunday

Emily Shirley placed 3rd on Saturday and 2nd on Sunday in First Level

Mariah Knagg placed 1st in Upper on Sunday, and was High Point Rider of the day

Kelsey Poleyeff placed 3rd in Upper on Sunday

Kendal Neubeiser placed 3rd in her first Upper test on Saturday

Emily Grzeda placed 2nd in Lower Training on Sunday

Morgan Hillard placed 1st on Saturday and 3rd on Sunday in Lower Training

Emily Van Zeeland

Emily Van Zeeland on Toby

Kirsten Drew placed 1st in First Level DSE on Saturday

Natalie Davis placed 3rd in First Level DSE on Sunday

Emily Van Zeeland placed 1st in Upper Training DSE on Sunday and 3rd on Saturday

Emma Scheidt placed 1st in Lower Training DSE on Saturday

Keara Sonntag placed 2nd in Lower DSE on Saturday

Jocelyn Ormsby placed 1st in Intro DSE on Saturday

The show on Sunday marked the end of the regular season, and the Regional Awards Ceremony took place at the end the day. There it was announced that…



MUET is the IDA Region E Champion, and will be sending a team to compete at Nationals April 28th-30th! We also had multiple riders place in the top ranks of their divisions.

Kirsten Drew placed 2nd in First Level in the region, and is in the running for a wildcard spot as an individual in First Level.

Emily Shirley placed 3rd in the region in First Level

Kayla Kramer placed 4th in the region in First Level

Emily Grzeda placed 3rd in the region in Lower Training

Sarah Kingsbury placed 3rd in the region in Intro

Saige Sparks placed 4th in the region in Intro

Jocelyn Ormsby was the Region Champion for Intro DSE

Emily Van Zeeland was the Region Champion for the Upper Training DSE

Seniors (2)

The dressage team Seniors Kirsten Drew, Natalie Davis, Kelsey Poleyeff, and Elizabeth Foster with coach Courtney Previte and MUET’s Hannibal

Congratulations to all on a great season, and good luck at Nationals!

Western 2017 Semi-Finals

Over spring break, Western riders Lydia Yount and Lauren Martyn flew to Texas A&M to compete in IHSA Western Semi-Finals!  When not horse showing they went to Palo Dura Canyon and took in the unbelievable landscape and enjoyed authentic Tex Mex cuisine.


Lauren competed in Open Reining and Open Horsemanship. Lauren placed 4th in Open Horsemanship, and qualified to compete in IHSA Nationals in May!

Lydia competed in Advanced Horsemanship, placed 4th and will also be competing in IHSA Nationals May 4-6 at the Alltech Arena in Lexington, Kentucky.17499265_10103677167678368_2036326430141325193_n

Miami at IHSA Regionals

On Sunday, March 12th, Miami’s riders made the trip up to Ohio State University for IHSA Regionals. Miami had 10 Hunt Seat riders and 6 Western riders qualify for Regionals.  Brandi and Gambler also made the trip for the western portion of the show.

Regionals Western photo

Western Team

The western team had successful rides across the board and were excited to have qualified for Regionals.  Lauren Martyn qualified for Semi Finals in Open Horsemanship and Reining and Lydia Yount qualified in Advanced Horsemanship.  Lauren and Lydia will be heading to Semi Finals March 23-26 hosted by West Texas A & M.

After the completion of western, the hunt seat show began with the flat.  All Miami riders rode their best and made us proud.   The following riders qualified for Zones which will be hosted by The University of Findlay on April 8.

Kelsey Fenger-Open Flat

Mallory Myers-Intermediate Flat

Julia Mason-Intermediate Flat

Victoria Jenkins-Advanced Walk-Trot-Canter

Tori and Bob Regionals

Tori Jenkins and Bob Cacchione 

Hunt Seat at Ohio University

image (1)

On February 25th and 26th the Hunt Seat team traveled to Ohio University to compete in their last show of their regular season. With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, the team had a lot of props to help us bring the luck of the Irish, and it worked! We had a great weekend, with surprisingly good weather, and on Saturday night some of our amazing parents sponsored a delicious team pizza & pasta dinner.

image (3)

Our team cheerleader America helped us bring the luck of the Irish!

Everyone rode beautifully, and the team was Reserve Champion on Saturday and Champion on Sunday! Here are our riders that qualified for regionals:

Open Flat

Kelsey Fenger

Intermediate Flat

Mallory Myers

Ashley Dowler

Julia Mason

Novice Fences

Victoria Lawler

Novice Flat

Jill O’Bryan

Victoria Lawler

Samantha Ackley

Allie Shea

Advanced WTC

Morgan Mittler

Victoria Jenkins

image (2)

Kelly O’Bryan, Ashley Dowler, Rachel McConnell, and Jill O’Bryan

The Hunt Seat Team ended their regular season as Reserve Champion for the Region.

Check back next week for Regional results!

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Western at OSU-March 5th

Western Team Picture OSU March 5

On March 5th, the Western team traveled to OSU for their last show of the season!

We went to Olive Garden as a team and ate our weights in pasta and breadsticks! The team placed Reserve Champion in both AM and PM show!

Here are some of the individual placings:

Claire Turner March 5th

Claire Turner with her prizes

Claire Turner- 1st in both of her Intermediate II classes

Lydia Yount- 2nd in Open horsemanship in the AM

Jenny Rusk- 1st in Intermediate II in the AM

Natalie Grosick- 1st in Intermediate I in the AM

Lauren Martyn- 1st in Opening horsemanship in the PM

Lauren White- 2nd in Intermediate II in the PM

Logan York- 2nd in Intermediate I in the PM

Allison Ward- 2nd in Beginner in the PM

Lauren Martyn March 5th

Lauren Martyn in Open Reining

Lauren Martyn got her last point to qualify for regionals in the reining and the horsemanship. The Western team ended their season 2nd in the region!

The following riders qualified for Regionals:

Megan Ashbrook March 5th

Megan Ashbrook

Open Reining/Open Horsemanship

Lauren Martyn


Lydia Yount


Megan Ashbrook


Hunter Ries

Colleen Zeigman

Sydney Thompson

Check back in next week for regional results!

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Western at OSU-February 26th

On February 26th, the Western Team traveled to OSU! The team had a great weekend, with the team earning Reserve Champion in both shows.  The team earned 30 points, an all time high for Miami competing at OSU! The team stopped by Rods to get their hats shaped on Saturday night, and went to Bob Evans for a team dinner before the show on Sunday.


The team stopped by Rods on Saturday night

Take a look at some of the individual places from the day:

Hunter Ries- 1st in am, 2nd in pm, qualified for regionals

Monique Booher- 2nd in am

Megan Ashbrook- 1st in am, pointed up to Advanced and qualified for regionals

Lauren White- 2nd in pm

Alexandria Tong- 2nd in am, pointed up to Intermediate 2

Sydney Thompson- qualified for regionals

Sarah Laane- 2nd


Allison Ward at OSU

Congratulations to all of our riders on a successful weekend!

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Dressage at Meredith Manor and Hunt Seat at Otterbein

The team had a busy weekend on February 18th-19th, with the Hunt Seat Team traveling to Otterbein and the Dressage Team traveling to Meredith Manor.

Dressage at Meredith Manor:


The dressage team drove out to West Virginia to compete at their third show of the year at Meredith Manor. The team took home Champion on Saturday, and tied for Champion on Sunday. All of our riders rode beautifully, and the team got many compliments on their positive attitudes throughout the weekend.

Here are some of the Individual Placings from the weekend:



Emily Shirley on Bingo

First Level:

Kayla Kramer – 3nd

Emily Shirley – 4th


Emily Grzeda – 1st


Sarah Kingsbury – 2nd

Saige Sparks – 3rd



Kirsten Drew on Bingo

First Level:

Kirsten Drew – 1st

Kayla Kramer – 2nd


Kelsey Poleyeff on Hallany

Upper Training:

Kelsey Poleyeff – 4th

Lower Training:

Emily Grzeda – 3rd

Morgan Hillard – 4th


Jocelyn Ormsby – 5th

The team also had some impressive performances in the Dressage Seat Equitation Classes.  On Saturday, Emily Van Zeeland placed 1st and Kelsey Poleyeff placed 3rd in Upper on Saturday, Morgan Hillard placed 1st and Emma Scheidt placed 2nd in Lower, and  Jocelyn Ormsby placed 3rd in Intro.  On Sunday, Kayla Kramer placed 3rd in First, Emily Van Zeeland placed 3rd and Morgan Maison placed 5th in Upper, Keara Sonntag placed 5th in Lower, and Saige Sparks placed 3rd and Jocelyn Ormsby placed 4th in Intro.

Hunt Seat at Otterbein


The Hunt Seat team was Reserve Champions on Saturday  and placed 3rd on Sunday. Spirits were high as the captains delivered a great speech to motivate the team and we all had so much fun!  The team made a visit to Equus Now after the show on Saturday for some great shopping.  We picked up some good luck pocket ponies for the show on Sunday.

Below are some of the placings from Saturday’s show:

Open Fences:

Haley Hacala 2nd

Novice Fences:

Victoria Lawler 2nd

Emma Alhalel 2nd

Open Flat:

Rachel McConnell 2nd

Novice Flat:

Samantha Ackley 2nd

Adv. WTC:

Tory Jenkins 2nd

Walk Trot:

Alissa Martin 1st

Katie Pauley 2nd

Below are some of the placings from Sunday’s show:

Intermediate Fences:

Ashley Dowler 1st

Open Flat:

Kelsey Fenger 2nd

Walk Trot:

Katie Pauly 1st


Hunt Seat Seniors Kylie Fleming, Rachel McConnell, Ashley Dowler, and EJ Robbins with Coach Heather Pinnick

Congratulations to all of our riders on a successful weekend!  Victoria Lawler and Samantha Ackley also qualified for regionals in their respective divisions.

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MUET 2017-2018 Executive Board


On Monday, January 30th, MUET held its Exec Board Elections. Congratulations to the Miami University Executive Board for the 2017-2018 year!


Kelly O’Bryan

Vice President:

Lauren Martyn


Mariah Knagg


Keara Sonntag


Ashlyn Anderson

Travel Coordinator:

Brittany Johnson


Emily Van Zeeland


Haley Hacala

Hunt Seat Captains:

Tyler Miles

Victoria Lawler

Western Captain:

Megan Ashbrook

Dressage Captain:

Emily Grzeda



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