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Semi Finals and Zones

Four Miami riders made their way to Semi Finals in Sunbury, OH at Eden Park in hopes of making their way on to Nationals at the Big E. The top four riders from each division move on to Nationals.

Semi Prizes pic

Natalie Montecalvo rode in the Novice Horsemanship and placed seventh overall.  Megan Perry rode wonderfully in the Advanced Horsemanship and brought home a fifth place ribbon, almost making the cut. Zach LeCompte competed in the Beginner Horsemanship and had a wonderful ride. Freshman Lauren Martyn made her debut in the Open Horsemanship and Open Reining. Lauren came in fifth in the reining and second in the horsemanship. Congratulations Lauren on qualifying for Nationals!  We would also like to thank Kathleen Dodson, Lydia Yount, and Megan Ashbrook for their help in putting semi finals on.  They ran the draw table and various other jobs to help the show run smoothly.

Zach Lecompte

Zach Lecompte

Lauren posing with Bob and Open Horsemanship first place winner

Lauren posing with Bob and Open Horsemanship first place winner from Ohio State, Jessica Cornwell

Following Semi Finals, five Miami Hunt Seat riders traveled to Morehead, KY to compete at Zones. Beginning with the Walk Trot, Kylie Flemming came home with a sixth place finish. Next up, Helena Kervinen competed in the Walk Trot Canter and finished up fourth place. Sophomore Rachel McConnell rode in the Novice Flat and secured a place to Nationals with a second place finish. Junior Alex Roe competed in the Intermediate flat and brought home a fourth place ribbon as well. Finishing up the flat divisions, Open Flat rider Caroline Hurst rode her way to a fifth place.

Photo (11)

Congratulations to everyone on a wonderful Semi Finals and Zones! Be sure to look out for Lauren and Rachel as they prepare for Nationals!

Moving On To Semi Finals and Zones

On March 8th, Miami Redhawks regional qualifiers traveled to Stonegate Farm and Autumn Rose Farm in hopes of qualifying for Zones and Semi Finals. On the Hunt Seat side, Miami had five qualifiers in each division on the flat. The Western team had four riders qualify for Semi Finals.

Hunt Seat Qualifiers:

Caroline Hurst- Open Flat

Alex Roe- Intermediate Flat

Rachel McConnell- Novice Flat

Helena Kervinen- Advanced Walk Trot Canter

Kylie Flemming- Walk-Trot

Julia, Taylor, Jessi and Rachel prepare for the Novice

Julia, Taylor, Jessi and Rachel prepare for the Novice

Western Qualifiers: 

Natalie Montecalvo- Novice Horsemanship

Zach LeCompte- Beginner Horsemanship

Megan Perry- Advanced Horsemanship

Lauren Martyn- Open Horsemanship and Open Reining

western pic

Congratulations to our Zones and Semi Finals qualifiers! MU…ET!!

Semi finals will be hosted at Eden Park in Sunbury, Ohio and Zones will be at Morehead State University.

Alumni Association


Please RSVP by April 10th with this online registration:

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Hunt Seat At Ohio University

FullSizeRender (1) (2)

February 21st Miami’s Hunt Seat team traveled to Ohio University for their last regular show of the season at Stonegate Farm. Not letting the snowy conditions stop them, volunteers and coaches helped shuttle the visiting teams up the hill to the farm as the charter buses could not make the slippery drive. A very special thank you to those great people! Overall, Miami ended up in third place after a week long of frigid temperatures. High spirits and great riding allowed for many blue ribbons to make the ride back to Oxford.


Senior Kayla Akers with her mom

Blue Ribbons:

Alex Roe- Intermediate Fences

Liz Berman- Intermediate Fences

Rachel Flake- Novice fences

Ashley Dowler- Novice Fences

Jessi Thorne- Novice Fences

Charlotte Tate- Open Flat

Kayla Akers- Intermediate Flat

Taylor Myers- Open Flat

Madison Enderson- Advanced Walk Trot Canter

Abby Postle- Intermediate Flat

Sydney Walsh- Novice Flat

Helena Kervinen- Novice Flat

Mallory Myers- Intermediate Flat

Tyler Miles- Walk Trot – First blue ribbon!!

High Point Rider- Taylor Myers

Reserve High Point Rider– Abby Postle


Sisters, Taylor and Mallory Myers

The Hunt Seat team ended up second in the region behind Otterbein after a long battle down to the wire for the chance to move onto Zones. Congratulations to all on a wonderful show and season overall! Next up, Zones at Morehead State University.

FullSizeRender (3)

Kelly O’Bryan

Western Bears the Blizzard

western snowy pic

This past weekend Miami’s Western team traveled to Ohio State University for a snowy horse show. Head coach Beth Akers wouldn’t let the weather stop them as they had to begin their morning by shoveling the vans out of the parking lot at 5:30 am. Once the vans were dug out, they had a rockin’ van ride to and from the show which included loud country music and party hats!


The team was High Point team in the afternoon and Reserve in the morning show!

Many riders had personal bests and the cry of “MU………..ET!” resounded frequently.  Megan Ashbrook, Megan Perry, and Monique Booher all heard the Redhawk cheer.  Lauren Martyn was named High Point rider in the afternoon show with a first in reining and a second in horsemanship.

Megan Perry, Dana Rossman, and Danielle Hume qualified for regionals and several more riders are knocking at the door. Congratulations to all on another wonderful weekend!


Equestrian Team Reunion and Alumni Ride
Sunday, April 19, 2015
Events begin at 8 a.m.

Lori Cramer invites you to reconnect with fellow
Equestrian Alumni, Coaches, and Current team members.

Miami University Equestrian Center
4950 Oxford Trenton Road
Oxford, OH  45056

Dressage and Hunt Seat Spend Valentine’s Day Weekend Showing

This past weekend, both the Miami dressage team and hunt seat team spent their special weekend traveling to Midway, Kentucky and Westerville, Ohio. While the hunt seat team bared the snowy drive on Saturday, the dressage team competed in their first show of the semester. Overall, the Miami A team came in 6th place and the Miami B team came in 4th place.


Jeana Rae Schaper



Miami A:

First Level Emily Gillespie 3rd place %63.5

Upper Training Natalie Davis 6th place %60.9

Lower Training Kelsey Polyeff 5th place %67.3

Intro Elizabeth Foster 8th place %63.1

Miami B:

First Level Jeana-Rae Schaffer:8th place %60.5

Upper Training Spencer Clark 2nd place %69.4

Lower Training Kathi Ropers 7th place %61

Intro Tori Cooke 4th place %66.5


Laura Adkins 2nd place %70

Substitute for Bethany:

Josephine Nachemmson Ekwall 9th place %58.1


Elizabeth Foster and Laura Adkins


On Sunday, the hunt seat team bundled up to brave the cold at Otterbein for a combined regional horse show. Miami came home with the title of Reserve High Point Team, placing them second in the region overall with one horse show to go before the end of the season.

jill and kelly combined regional

Jill O’Brien and Kelly O’Bryan


Blue Ribbons:

Caroline Hurst- Open Flat

Rachel McConnell- Intermediate Flat

Stefani Manchik- Novice Flat

Kelly O’Bryan – Advanced WTC

High Point Rider: Caroline Hurst

Kayla and rachel regional combined

Rachel McConnell and Kayla Akers

Congratulations to everyone on a wonderful weekend filled with lots of love, candy and jackets!

Spring is Coming!


With the students coming back to campus in a week, Miami is gearing up to head off site for the remainder of the winter months. Both horses and staff have enjoyed their break, but are ready to get back to work! As always, remember to come support MUET on March 14-15 for our first IDA home show of the season!

Spring Schedule

Feb 14: IDA @ Midway

Feb 15: Combined Regional Hunt Seat Show @ Otterbein

Feb 21-22: Hunt Seat @ Ohio University

Feb 22: OSU/OUS Western Double Header @ Ohio State

March 1: Western Double Header @ Ohio State

March 8: Regionals @ Ohio University (Western AM Hunt Seat PM)

March 14-15: IDA @ Miami

March 21-22: Western Semi Finals @ Ohio State

March 28: Hunt Seat Zones @ Morehead

April 25-26: IDA Nationals @ Otterbein

April 30 – May 3: Hunt Seat National @ Eastern States Exposition (West Springfield, MA)

Alumni Update


To Our Esteemed Alumni-On behalf of MUET, I’d like to thank you for your support. My name is Danielle Paulson, and I was President of the team for the 2013-2014 academic year and am now a proud alumna.

In 2010, MUET went to Nationals and since has had consistent representation as a team or individually. We’re proud that in 2014, all three teams were represented at a National level.

In 2010, the facility had three buildings that housed 52 horses. Although disconnected and a bit rainy at times, the facility bonded team members, coaches, and horses together. In 2014, the facility is now all under one roof with countless amenities.

In 2014 MUET battled 8 inches of snow with no indoor arena and sweated through 90 degree humid Ohio heat. All three teams traveled to shows during “Winter Storm Titan,” a snowy-sleet-rain beast that ravaged the Midwest. Even the freezing rain couldn’t stop MUET from gaining enough points to compete at Nationals.

From 2010 to 2014, MUET has changed greatly. The new facility and our National ranking have put Miami on the map in IHSA and IDA. Love, encouragement, and leadership by example from supporters like you have made this success possible.

“We stand on the shoulders of giants”

It’s often said that we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. This could not be truer for MUET. The leaders of our teaminfluence and shape the next generation of team members. We’ve had passionate leaders, leaders who organize, dedicated leaders, and competitive leaders; at the right time and place, our MUET leaders rise to meet our needs.

Today, we need past and future MUET leaders like never before, and we know that interested people like you are leaders today in many aspects of your daily life. Through team involvement or monetary support, you can be the leader that we need.

Take an active role in MUET’s future by completing the attached survey.

If you would like to support the Equestrian Program you can make a tax deductible gift online ( or please contact Michael Kumler at or (513) 529-1957.

Love & Honor,

Danielle Paulson
MUET 2014
(513) 205-2313

Happy Holidays


Happy Holidays from Miami University Equestrian staff! We look forward to seeing everyone for another great semester at the end of January. Keep warm!

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